Lily at her new school.
Updated: 4/7/2021
Lily at her new school.

Storyboard Text

  • Lily comes into school nervous because she is still not too comfortable with English and finds the new school intimidating. As she gets to her classroom, she notices a new reading assginment on the board.
  • She opened up her workbook. as Lily is doing the reading she comes across a word she is unfamiliar with, so she raises her hand to get help from the teacher.
  • When the teacher sat down with her, she looked at Lily and said, "I know you speak French at home, so you know this word, just sound it out loud."
  • The word engineer was the vocabulary word Lily had difficulties with, until the teacher made her realize it was a word she already knew from her L1. 
  • As Lily is sounding the word out, she gasped, "c'est ingénieur!" she then realized she knew the word all along, she just needed the teacher to give her the push.
  • YAAY!