Eye Care Storyboard
Updated: 2/5/2020
Eye Care Storyboard
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  • Oh boy, how much do I dread the doctor! But, I must see an optician because my eyesight has been bad lately...
  • Uh...doctor! Are you an optician? I need my eyes examined because my eyesight has been bad lately. I was kind of scared today to visit you, but, doctor, I must know!
  • Lucky for you, I am an optician! I can tell you that your fears should subside when visiting us. The tests on your eye will be easy and painless, and, in the end, you will know how well your eye is. Follow me this way!
  • I can see great with both my eyes, doc... What does that mean for me?
  • The first test that we will conduct is the most simple and most common: the cover test. You will cover each of your eye at a time, and this will also test whether you do or not have a lazy eye.
  • The full results will came at the end of my tests, but, so far, you're passing exceptionally!
  • I feel as if I am following with my eyes, but what are my results, doc?
  • The next test is called an ocular motility test, or an eye movement test. I will move objects with my hands and you will follow them with your eyes and we will see how well you did.
  • Yes, you are correct! We'll see the results at the end, but, right now, let's move on the next test...
  • The one in the middle, doc!
  • The next test we will do is called a depth perception test. It will test your eye's ability to see 3-D objects. Look at these circles and tell me which one looks 3-D.
  • Excellent! Now, we will move on to the next test!...
  • I don't know... They all look pretty clear to me, doc...
  • This next test is called a refraction test. You will look through these lenses and tell me which one looks clearer.
  • Then everything is going alright... And, now, we will move on to your final test!
  • This will be the last test... This is the color blindness test...
  • Come on, doc... You know that I can see all of those colors... Now, what are my final results?
  • And, he's not afraid to visit the doctor anymore...
  • On the topic of colors, I can say that you passed the whole thing with flying colors!
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