Water Cycle
Updated: 4/2/2020
Water Cycle
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By: Parker D. Monson

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  • My Water Cycle
  • Once upon a time, there were two droplets of water called John and Wendy. They are best friends and have always been together. For a long time these two have been in the same cloud called Jim. Wendy and John like Jim.
  • BFF
  • Yeah it is great!
  • They are now getting to heavy for the cloud to hold so they Precipitate which is when water falls from the clouds. They were over a glacier, they hit hard onto the glacier. John and Wendy are now getting really cold. They are slowly turning into a solid.
  • I like being a solid! You don't move around as much.
  • It got to hot for John and Wendy to stay as a glacier. So they melted and got filtered through the soil. So they have now became groundwater.
  • I hope we get filtered out and stay in the soil. I have always wanted to be in the soil.
  • Yah!
  • This feels awesome it kinda tickles.
  • John and Wendy soon ran into a river. They got discharged, which is when groundwater comes back to Earth's surface & into a collection area. The river split up ahead Wendy couldn't steer the other way, they got separated. John ha lost his only friend.
  • John was still sad about losing Wendy, his only friend. He soon flowed into the ocean. He didn't even care that he was getting pounded by the waves.
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