English project
Updated: 6/9/2020
English project

Storyboard Description

ethos pathos and logos

Storyboard Text

  • I want to go back to school but its closed until September and I dont know why.
  • Yes Chelsea.
  • I really want to go back to school... Elena.
  • Ethos
  • The WHO (World Health Organization) says that reopening schools after a closure, if done well, can promote public health.
  • Why did schools have to close?
  • By reopening school you could endanger all of your loved ones. You wouldn't granny to get it were she could die right?
  • Pathos
  • What would happen if they reopen schools early?
  • Yes education is important, but if school reopens early it would make the Corona virus worse
  • Logos
  • No, But what about our education?
  • Now do you understand why schools should stay close?
  • Yes now I do thank you for explaining it to me Elena.