I'm Hungry
Updated: 11/23/2019
I'm Hungry

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  • Meal TimeBy: Kailyn Peacock
  • Oh, hey Fred. I was just on my way to find some fish. How about you?
  • Wow! Im starving, I am going to go catch some fish. Hey Fred do you want to go catch some fish with me.
  • That sounds good, I was justabout to do thesame thing. Where should we go first?
  • Lets check the lake on the western side first. Sound good?
  • No, lets find some on the south.
  • yes, I don't see anyover here. Do you?
  • Right there! run, run get it!
  • I don't see any here either.
  • Got them. Just the right amount for us.
  • Thank you, lets eat!
  • Yum, That was delicious. Thank you for coming with me.
  • No problem, thank you for catching food for me.