the beach
Updated: 2/17/2020
the beach

Storyboard Text

  • yay! i love the beach. the cunchy sand on my toes. the carpark is so spacious and i love the cleanliness of the area.
  • My place is obviously the pool. you can dive,swim, sun bake, anything you desire. i learn't how to swim here and it has a meaning to me. mow I am an Olympic swimmer.
  • The environment is all plants,animals and non-living things. It has to support life.This sweet shop I work in is called a human environment, but when i went to the great barrier reef to see the coral reef, I realised that it was a as-natural environment.
  • this city used to be bush-land about 50 years ago, but change happened and all the trees were knocked down to build the city. we are always changing.
  • interconnection is all living things, like us, and non-living things. a part of interconnection is this water wheel. It is connected to the water cycle.
  • SUSTAINABILITY can be achieved by using the half flush on the toilet. world issues such as how much water we have can be called SCALE. scale is a world wide concept that are recognised as different levels of cause.