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Coronavirus in the old days
Updated: 5/4/2020
Coronavirus in the old days
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  • Onward, my trusty steed!
  • March 16, 1920Start of quarantine
  • Goodbye! I'll miss you!
  • Me too! Let's try to stay in touch!
  • Charlotte, say goodbye to Holly!
  • April 10, 1920
  • School work! School work! Come and get your school work!
  • School student
  • Charlotte, I brought in your school wo- What happened here?! What are you up to now?
  • May 4, 1920
  • Dear Holly, I hope you are doing well. Guess what? We got a cat! Her name is Annie; she's a calico, really friendly, and good at catching mice. Maybe one day after this is all gone, we can introduce Annie to Princess, your cat. That would be so much fun! Bad news: Our lemon stash is almost gone! We all know that everybody has started hoarding lemons, so we joined in too. Why lemons though? It's so funny! Stocking up on lemons is such a weird thing. Ha! With such a crazy thing to hoard, you would think we would start hoarding toilet paper next! What a riot! Well, this is all I have to say. Hope you write back soon! Your BFF, Charlotte Walker
  • I'm sorry, but the delivery service is discontinued right now.
  • I'm writing a letter to Holly. It HAS to be PERFECT! When I'm done, I'll put it in the mailbox.
  • WHAT?! Well then, there's only one other way!
  • Neigh!
  • Squeak squeak squeak!
  • Good luck on your journey, brave traveler!
  • There! Holly will see it in the morning. Now, time to go back home!
  • May 5, 1920
  • Yay! I'll read it now.
  • Holly! You got a letter from Charlotte!
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