Ana and Rina
Updated: 12/17/2020
Ana and Rina

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  • HAHAHA! You look so ugly in that dress. :D
  • Why are you like that? :(
  • HA HA HA! Your answer is wrong!
  • Ana, what is the answer to 82 x 7?
  • Sir, the answer is 99
  • Mom, my classmate Rina told me that I'm ugly and she is bullying me in school. What should I do?
  • Tell me everything and I will talk to her mom and explain . . .
  • Hi, I am the mom of Ana, Rina's classmate. I just want to let you know that she is bullying....
  • Oh, I'm really sorry for what happened. Don't worry, I will talk to my daughter and ask for peace and forgiveness.
  • Hi Ana, I'm really sorry for my actions. Please forgive me. I promise to be a better person and hope we can be friends.
  • No worries Rina. I forgive you and we can be friends.
  • Hey Ana, let's go there!
  • Let's go! :)
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