The single parent Pregnant teen
Updated: 6/12/2020
The single parent Pregnant teen
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this girl named rebecca made a mistake and did it when she was 15.She was devestated that she found out she was pregnant at 15 and did not know the father.She thought she couldnt raise a child.But somehow manged to be a single teen mother.Her mother and father did everything i could to help.They offered her a job and she accepted it.They bought her a house so her baby wouldnt be around with bad people that lived by her.But 3 years later when she was 18 she met this boy that she knew from school and they quickly caught up and not to long later they started dating,He took care of Rina like she was his daughter he cared and loved her.2 years later rina was 5 and Rebecca was pregnant again at the age of 20 but by someone that really loved her and while in her 3rd trimester her boyfriend proposed to her she accepted and in the last picture you can see her soon to be husband looking at his new baby boy and rina saying goodbye to her mama and Yea that was the story of the pregnant teen that manged to be a single parent.
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