Updated: 3/29/2021

Storyboard Text

  • in a distopic reality in 1984, was 3 big nations, oceania, leurásia and leustrásia. the ministry of truth, where winston worked (the with green coat) administered the information that came out in the newspapers according to the wishes of the party that was in charge of oceania
  • the three big nations lived in wars with each other, in addition to having a highly totalitarian regime, which oppressed, watched and manipulatid the people of their country, whtch coused the population to revolt, but they could not do anithyng
  • winston realized that what the party was doing was wrong, from opression to people's vigillance
  • then, winston falls in love with a woman named júlia, but relationships were prohibited by the state
  • then winston and júlia end up being caught by the government, an later, winston would be brainwashed
  • even if it is fiction, this story can happend again, but in another way, social network will come intoyour life more and more controlling you just like the fictional government did with winston