Cindy Problems

Updated: 5/19/2020
Cindy Problems

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  • Come on make your sister some lunch!
  • Come on I'm late already. You take for ever!!!
  • One day, Cindy went for a walk and found a very handsome man. She knew that her family wouldn't let her date someone.
  • The next day Cindy found out that her sister and the handsome man she had met were dating. She was shocked!!
  • How dare you cheat of me with my sister! Don't ever speak to me ever again!
  • At least your sister is richer than you! You can't even afford a phone! Your just a maid!
  • As Cindy was crying of how horrible her life was, a fairy came and granted her one of her biggest wishes. She wanted to be rich so that she can continue with her own life.
  • The next day, she realized that money wasn't everything in life and she decided to give the money to charity. A few days later, she found a prince that loved her more than any other man had. They married and had a happy life!