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math algebra
Updated: 6/25/2020
math algebra
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  • I changed my topic and sub- topic to : Pre - regents material writing equations in slope intercept form
  • Yes?
  • Mom?
  • How do I write an equation in slope - intercept form?
  • If your y - intercept was 4 and your slope was -5/6...
  • Well, slope - intercept form is y= mx + b
  • *reads textbook*
  • M is the slope of the line and the b is the y - intercept!
  • Correct! The y - intercept tells us where we intercept the y - axis
  • *looks at book*hmm.. so M (slope) equals rise over run?
  • Hi, I'm home!
  • *y a w n s* I'm so tired!
  • then your equation would be y = -5/6 + 4
  • Goodnight!
  • goodnight buddy!
  • Goodnight mom and dad! *hugs teddy*
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