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my pdhpe storyboard assessment
Updated: 9/20/2018
my pdhpe storyboard assessment
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  • Sure thanks for inviting me that would be heaps of fun.
  • Hey do you want to come play soccer with me?
  • Ohh damn good kick.
  • I'll have to check with my parents but i think i'll be right to go.
  • Goal!!!!
  • Would you like to come to my party tomorrow night? It starts at 7 and finishes at midnight
  • It starts at 7 and finishes at midnight.
  • Hey mum, hey dad, can i go to my friends party tomorrow night?
  • No way darling that party goes for way too long. It is to dangerous be out there for too long.
  • Hi darling, what time does the party start?
  • Hey, sorry but my parents said i couldn't go because it goes for too long.
  • Hey, that absolutely fine it doesn't matter.
  • Oy! i heard that your not coming to your friends party because it is too long for you. You poor baby. Next time i'll make sure the part goes from 1 pm to 2 pm just for you. hahahahahahah your a baby.
  • Hi mum, hi dad, there is this kid who is bullying me about not being able to go to the party what should i do?
  • Ohh darling, don't worry just try to ignore him. If he keeps on bullying him tell us and we will talk to the teacher. Just don't worry about him and focus on better things.
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