Maui And The Giant Fish
Updated: 5/22/2020
Maui And The Giant Fish
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  • Maui always asked his older brothers if he could come with them on their fishing trips, but they were mean and always came up with an excuse for him to stay home. But Maui was sad and angry. He still wanted to come and prove that he was a good fisherman.
  • Maui secretly hatched a plan. One night he wove a strong fishing line from flax. As he wove, he recited an old karakia to give the fishing line strength. Then he secured a jawbone that had been passed down from one of his ancestors, to the end of the line.
  • the next morning Maui hid in the boat with his fishing line. His brothers noticed that the weight was different, but they kept on going. When Maui heard them lower the anchor he knew it was too far to turn back. He jumped out and his brothers got angry.
  • Maui calmed them down. He said if he recited a karakia at the same time as they fished, they would catch lots of fish. Soon the boat was full of fish, but they still said he couldn't fish and wouldn't give bait.
  • Maui was angry. He hit his own nose and used his blood as bait. then he caught a giant fish. which became the north island of NZ. When he saw the fish he remembered that his ancestor had said it would be gifted to them. And he wanted to show the fish
  • Maui told his brothers to guard the fish while he was gone to get his people. They came they said "Maui is so amazing." They also saw Maui's siblings arguing and slicing bits of the fish, and saw how greedy they were. The cuts in the fish became valleys in NZ.
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