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Adam and Eve storyboard
Updated: 8/24/2020
Adam and Eve storyboard
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Storyboard Text

  • God created Adam
  • Eve was then created
  • God welcomed them to the Garden of Eden
  • When God was ready to create Adam, he gathered some clay and formed it into the shape of man, who would soon be known as Adam.
  • Eve committed a sin
  • However, man must not be found without woman. So to create a woman, he got a rib from Adam and formed it into the shape of a woman, who who would soon to be know as Eve.
  • Adam followed the poor actions of Eve
  • Once Adam and Eve were ready God said to them,"You shall be the first to enjoy paradise. Eat from which you wish except from the tree of good and evil. You are forbidden to eat from that tree."
  • God was enraged
  • Then one day, a snake emerged from the tree of good and evil and tried to persuade Eve to eat the 'holy' apple. At first she rejected but eventually took a bite from it.
  • She then brought the apple to Adam and convinced him to take a bite as well. Adam and Eve knew what they were doing and attempted to hide it from God, but God knows everything.
  • Angry by the disobedience of people he put faith into, he banished Adam and Eve from a paradise experience and told them that Adam and Eve would have to work hard and work for the forgiveness of their sin.
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