Math II
Updated: 1/16/2021
Math II

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  • Mallory recalled the information he knew already: the car Kennedy was riding was around 12 meters from the building, and the building is 16 around meters high.
  • 8
  • Mallory also solved for the missing angle, which was equal to 56°. This angle is what the Warren Commission suspected Oswald was shooting from the day of the assassination. If the angle is proven to be correct, Oswald is undoubtedly guilty.
  • 16 m
  • 56°
  • 90°
  • 12 m
  • 20 m
  • 34°
  • Using the Pythagorean Theorem, Mallory computed that the hypotenuse was 20 meters.
  • The day after the incident at the police station, Mallory remembered something strange that happened after he left the police station.
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  • When he was walking towards his apartment, he came across a package. Inside was a postcard that came from Las Vegas.
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  • Mallory wondered what the package meant. Las Vegas could mean anything.
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  • Mallory had a sudden bright idea. Las Vegas was called the City of Sin. So could the angle he was looking for be related to sin?
  • =
  • ?
  • Mallory started to run the numbers. The sin of 56° is equal to 0.829°. Was this the right value?
  • 11
  • Mallory got another package a few days after computing the sin of the angle. The package only contained a note with four numbers written on it: 0.829.
  • 12
  • Mallory rushed to the police station. He finally had evidence against Oswald!
  • When he got to the police station though, he received surprising news: Oswald himself had been shot!
  • Mallory wandered through the streets, wondering what just happened. He nearly had Oswald! Kennedy could've been avenged!
  • Oswald's murder puzzled Mallory. Was Oswald's murder a cleanup by an outside force? Or just a coincidence? Mallory could only wonder as the Kennedy assassination became a thing of the past and the nation moved on...