The Odysseus
Updated: 1/7/2020
The Odysseus
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  • Odysseus held captive...
  • Why leave when you have the option to stay here with me forever.
  • I want to leave and go home. I don't want to be here.
  • The mysterious visitor??
  • Greeting! Come have dinner then we can talk.
  • Good! I am Mentes.
  • Giant Killer's message
  • Zeus wanted me to come and tell you that you have to let Odysseus go home.
  • I saved him!! Why do I have to let him go??
  • This scene is showing one that Odysseus situation in the story at the moment and two it is also showing a vision of what Athena is describing to Zeus at the time.
  • Home Sweet Home
  • I will help you reach your home.
  • This scene is showing Athena disguised as Mentes so that she can convince him to go and search for his father.
  • The dream...
  • I will!!
  • This scene is showing one that Calypso is showing two different side of emotions but it is also showing Hermes trying to place the blame on Zeus.
  • Strange man from a far off land
  • Should I use my charm or should I beg down on my knees for her help.
  • This scene is the other side of Claypso's emotions where she tells Odysseus that she will help him get home but he doesn't trust that she is telling the truth.
  • I don't trust you to help me get home when you are why I am here!
  • This scene is Athena telling Nausicaa to go wash her clothes which is part of Athena's plan to get her to help Odysseus.
  • You must go and wash your clothes so that you can be wed one day
  • This scene shows Nausicaa first meeting Odysseus after she went to wash her clothes in the river.
  • What happened to this poor dude??
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