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Updated: 8/21/2020
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  • "I don't think this is a good idea Ben" said Bailey scared.
  • "Welcome to the Old Man's House. " Giggled Ben.
  • 16 Lane St
  • "We should go inside til the storm calms down, but then we are leaving straight after" said Elijah.
  • "YESSS!!" said Ben happy.
  • 16 Lane St
  • "Thank you for all coming here today, finally it took some courage of some young people like you guys to come in my house. This is a game of Hide or Kill. There is only one survivor, and only one way out.You will be playing until two players are found and dead"
  • "I don't want to die!!" thought Bailey.
  • Bang! Went the door as Ben slammed it open. He and his friends went to an Old Mans Abandoned house.Elijah and Bailey showed up at the house, they are questioning if they should go in or not.
  • I'm sorry for bringing us here" Whispered Ben as the game about to begin.
  • Rain started bucketing down heavily, a storm about to begin. The three boys rushed inside getting away from the cold.
  • Once the boys entered the house, Ben flicked the light on. A werid voice appeared around the house, from speaker.
  • All the doors in the house were locked. The boys were caught in a trap. The spokesperson in the speaker sounded like he was being serious. All the boys looked at each-other. They felt the desperation in the air.
  • Sadness filled in Bailey's eyes. He is probably one of the weakest one out of all of us.
  • As the countdown nearly finished, they all heard the beep and they were off running into the different rooms in the haunted old mans house.To try and find a good hiding spot til the unknown seeker finds them.
  • '5...4...3...2...1!'Declared the spokesperson.
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