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Updated: 12/10/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Plagues
  • Bankruptcy
  • I will take this.
  • Christianity
  • There was a disease known as the plague. It was easily spread, so it wasn't rare. In Rome, it was very common, so a lot of people got sick and died.
  • Overworking Slaves
  • In Rome, there were three Punic Wars. In these Punic Wars, Rome spent a lot of money on the military. So, when the Punic Wars ended, they were bankrupt and Rome fell.
  • Invasions From Germany
  • In Rome, Christianity was illegal, but when a Christian emperor came, he made Christianity legal. Everyone believed in the Lord and not in Roman gods, so Rome fell.
  • That's How Rome Fell
  • Slaves were used for everything. Wars, labor, cooking, and building. When no one needed slaves, slaves were set free and Rome fell because they had to buy new people to work for them.
  • Germany invaded Rome for a long time. As they attacked, Rome got weaker and weaker. After a long time, Rome fell.