Lavoro di Inglese
Updated: 2/8/2021
Lavoro di Inglese

Storyboard Text

  • bye!
  • not too well i fell down the stairs and my dad said i ought to go to the doctor
  • oh i hope you are fine, well see you at school bye!
  • how has your day been going?
  • no st.
  • bye see you later!
  • he said that i dislocated my ankle and now i have to wear this plaster
  • oh class is starting so see you soon
  • so what did the doctor say?
  • oh im sorry for you, home you get well soon
  • yeah sure why not i just have to tell my mom that im going to your house
  • bye see you there!
  • hey do you want to come to my house to play that new game i bought yesterday?
  • sure i will meet you there bye!
  • seriusly? well im going to buy it for shure then!
  • wow it really is a cool game!
  • yeah lets play
  • yeah i know if you want to buy it too it costs only 2 euros
  • ok, now lets play shall we?
  • bye!
  • p
  • its getting late i have to go see you tomorrow!
  • its time to sleep, good night.
  • ok mom good night.