Alcohol - Drug Ad Negative Outcomes By Ebony Norkett

Updated: 9/15/2021
Alcohol - Drug Ad Negative Outcomes By Ebony Norkett

Storyboard Text

  • Eliza's family has moved from the country to the city for her dad's new job & has started at her new High School
  • dad i'm so sick *vomits*
  • Eliza, Underage drinking can be harmful to your health & cause serious health issue...
  • She makes some new friends Carry & Joe, they invite her to a party at another persons house they know. Shes happy to make new friends so she says yes
  • At the Party Derreck brings out some Beers &offer them to everyone, Eliza is unsure whether or not to drink with them, butbecause they are new friends she doesn’t want to make a bad impression, so she hassome drinks with them.
  • but i need this job
  • eliza im sorry but im gonna have to fire you.
  • The next day Eliza wakes up very hungover & vomiting,her Dad explains to her the dangers of underage drinking & that if you letit get of control can lead to alcoholism, and lots of other health issues.
  • Three Years Later Eliza is at party & getsdrunk & decides to drive home because home is just a few minutes away,Eliza gets pulled over & ends up losing her licence & puts her job as aDomino’s Pizza delivery driver at risk.
  • Eliza goes into work on her next shift & tellsher boss what’s happen & Eliza loses her only job & walks out crying