Cupid and Psyche 1
Updated: 12/10/2020
Cupid and Psyche 1

Storyboard Text

  • Fairly pretty
  • As pretty as Venus, if not more
  • Psyche
  • 4.28 Psyche's family,
  • Also fairly pretty
  • She is pretty enough to be Venus!
  • 4.29 Venus abandoned in favour of Psyche
  • Let's worship this new girl, maybe she is the goddess Venus!
  • Temple of Venus
  • Psyche prettier than me?! Did she even hear of what Paris of Troy said? I'll teach her! Cupid, come along!
  • 4.30 Jealous Venus summons Cupid
  • My son, punish Psyche for trying to replace me - make her love the most miserable man
  • 4.31 Cupid's task
  • 4.32 Nobody wants Psyche - her father goes to Apollo
  • Apollo's oracle at Didyma said to place Psyche on a cliff to marry a terrible monster that frightens both gods and mortals!
  • 4.33 The bad oracle
  • 4.34 Psyche is ready to die/marry
  • I was doomed because of my beauty! Nevermind, I am eager to see this monster who is born to ruin the world
  • 4.35 Psyche awaits, terrified, Zephyrus carries her off.
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