Updated: 1/22/2019

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  • I heard that congress plan was better for us slave though. Their saying that the state has to abolish slavery to be readmitted.
  • Guys did you hear the news. Lincoln has come up with a plan to enter the south back into the nation. he wants all the White men to give an oath of Allegiance to their old country
  • I heard that Congress won't agree with it though and that washington is basically in a battle between congress and the president.
  • Yes I heard that he doesn't want those blacks to have equal rights. I really hope he gets it through congress
  • Have you heard the news of Johnson's plan for reconstruction? 
  • Even though slavery is illegal were still doing the work, we have to pay off our old masters and many of my friends don't have jobs at all.
  • I heard its supposed to give us food, clothes, and education. I also heard the civil rights gave us citizenship and made black laws illegal.
  • I heard they are calling it sharecropping but, there's good news. Congress is coming up with a new plan called the Freedman's Bureau and they're starting the civil rights act too.
  • Have you seen more troops around town lately
  • Yeah, Congress passed the Reconstruction act of 1867 they have divided the south into 5 military districts and took away our voting rights. I heard that Jackson tried to veto it but congress just overrode it again.
  • Did you hear that Jackson is trying to Stanton
  • We should pass an act that makes doesn't allow him to fire his Secretaries 
  • We passed the act but Jackson still fired Stanton. 
  • Congressman, I have an idea we should impeach him.