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Harry Potter
Updated: 9/9/2020
Harry Potter
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  • Exposition
  • Protagonist
  • Antagonist
  • The Book starts out with Harry Potter getting into a fight with his uncle and aunt so he goes on a walk and encounters a dementor and Dudley. And then he cast a Patronus. And than he has to go to the ministry because he used his wand.
  • Internal Conflict
  • The main character is Harry and he is brave and kind and he is a wizard. He goes to Hogwarts for school and he has to fight against Voldemort. He lives with his aunt and uncle who are not nice to him. They barely give enough to eat and won't let him do his homework.
  • The antagonist of the story is Voldemort and he wants to take over the world and get rid of Harry. He tried to kill as a baby but ended up destroying himself instead. He has an army of death eaters and he wants to get the prophecy at the ministry of magic.
  • Throughout the story Harry feels like people aren't telling him the truth and people are leaving him in the dark. And no one believes him that Voldemort is back, and nobody is telling him anything about the order of the phoenix or Voldemort. And everyone thinks he is crazy.
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