American revolution
Updated: 2/3/2020
American revolution
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  • Enforcing Navigation acts
  • you can only go so far. you and the other colonists need to obey the rules!
  • that's not fare! we helped you. we should be able to go and do where and what ever we want.
  • Townshend Act
  • we helped you win against the french! now we aren't aloud the western land...
  • Royal Proclamation line of 1763
  • you aren't aloud the western lands!
  • This isn't okay! we have to house and feed the British! this is our money.
  • i'm sleeping here.
  • Quartering Act
  • WHAT! no say, this isn't fare to us colonists who have helped you.
  • All colonists are to pay taxes! no say.
  • i'm very upset that we colonists are taxed on anything printed!
  • Stamp TAX
  • colonists have no say!
  • I Minister Greenville decide that all colonists should pay the troops themselves.
  • Sugar ACT
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