story board - religion
Updated: 2/7/2020
story board - religion

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  • no son, you have enough toys at home.
  • dad ! can i get that toy from the shop ?
  • dad, this is so boring i want to go home and play video games !
  • son, it is important that we come to church every sunday and pray !!
  • son ! this is a treat to be taking you out to lunch at all !
  • dad, i'm sorry i treated you the way i did. i need to be more respectful and considerate.
  • dad ! you know i don't like this kind of food, why would you bring me here ?
  • dad, why are we even cleaning my room ? this is so stupid !
  • son, we need to clean your bedroom before your mother gets home, it is a mess !
  • dad, i'm so sorry !
  • i can't believe i had to pick you up from school for fighting !
  • you should appreciate me way more ! i do everything for you !
  • son, it is okay. i just want a healthy son and father relationship !