Updated: 2/10/2020

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  • Morning Showers
  • Most refreshing
  • Mid Day Showers
  • The hardest but most refreshing showers to take. Right when you wake up, you get in the shower and you're so tired
  • Night time showers
  • Right when you wake up, you get in the shower. Then you're all woken up and it feels great.
  • The kind You Love
  • You In that weird type of mood where you don't want to take a shower but you feel if you don't you'll be dirty so you take one anyways. Once you get out you have no regrets.
  • 2am Showers
  • You get home from school, Eat a lil bit of dinner, Then thats when the shower comes in.
  • You know those are one of the best showers.
  • These showers HIT differently. These showers are made for crying or simping. These showers are the type you have concerts in.