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Updated: 12/18/2019
Unknown Story
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  • When Adams took office, the nation faced a crisis with France. The French regarded Jay’s Treaty, signed in 1794, as an American attempt to help the British in their war with France. To punish the United States, the French seized American ships that carried cargo to Britain.
  • But we must the french wont stop
  • we will not be going to war with france
  • John Adams did not want to go to war with france, because he felt it was not right. So in 1797 he sent a delegation to Paris to resolve this. Charles de Taleyrand refused to meet with the Americans, instead he sent three agents, who demanded a bribe and a loan from the Americans. Adam’s was furious.
  • The resolutions affirmed the principle of states rights. Which limited the federal government to those powers clearly assigned to it by the constitution. They reserved it to the states all other powers are not expressly forbidden to them.
  • No!
  • I choose to go with the unpopular opinion
  • war
  • The anti republican laws hurt the federalist party more, and the alien acts offended the immigrants and made them want to support the republicans more than ever. Ten Republicans, that were mostly newspaper editors, were jailed under the sedition acts, but were also hailed as heroes in the cause of freedom of press.
  • For most americans, france had become an enemy. The republicans were friendly toward france in the pasts, but they hesitated to turn around and condemn France. During the 1798 elections Americans voted some republicans out of office.
  • France is our enemy!
  • YA!
  • Congress responded with a program that strengthened the armed forces. In 1798 it established the Navy department. Between 1798 and 1800, United States and French naval vessels, clashed on a number of occasions, however war was not formally declared. In September 1800 Adams representatives negotiated an agreement with France that ensured peace.
  • YES Finally Peace
  • War Is not formally declared
  • The threat of war with france made Americans more suspicious of aliens. Aliens were immigrants who were not citizens but lived in the nation. Americans questioned whether the aliens would remain loyal, so federalists past the laws of alien and sedition acts.
  • Are Aliens Real?
  • Aliens
  • The federalists found themselves under attack. They urged john adams to step up the war with France, because if they did go to war with france hey were expected to win reelection. Adams refused to go to war with france. Instead he appointed a new commission to seek peace with France. Later in 1800 france agreed to the treaty. At the end of his presidency peace with france had been restored.
  • We want war
  • War won't help
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