Journey Into the Underworld | English
Updated: 5/31/2021
Journey Into the Underworld | English

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  • I wonder why he is sitting in a coffin, even though he is not dead yet?
  • Journey Into the Underworld | p.g. 1
  • Wow! Fascinating
  • There will be chika in every scene try to spot her!
  • Who is this monk?!
  • Journey Into the Underworld | p.g. 2
  • Hi! I'm Chika!
  • Rest in Peace my man
  • If she didn't, then she wouldn't be here!
  • Journey Into the Underworld | p.g. 3
  • I only answer to souls! Not bodies!
  • you gotta listen to me!
  • Mom did nothing wrong!
  • Where is my Mom!
  • Answer me , please!
  • cant tell you
  • ...
  • There once was a Buddhist monk who would not lie in bed at night and close his eyes. While other men and women slept, he sat bolt upright in a coffin, wide awake. This monk did not seem to need sleep, and others soon spotted that there was something special about him.
  • Journey Into the Underworld | p.g. 4
  • When, years later, the monk died, he was laid out in the coffin he'd spent his nights in. People came to see the body of this strange, holy man. When ordinary people die, their bodies begin to decay, so their souls go to the Underworld for judgement without them. This monk's body did not decay, and when he went to the Underworld, he took his body with him.
  • Journey Into the Underworld | p.g. 5
  • All the monk knew was that his mother had always been good as far as he was concerned. She'd been kind to everyone. He couldn't imagine that anything she had done was very bad, and he wanted to plead for her release. The only problem was, to whom should he plead? Which court? Which official? No one seemed interested, and soon and soon his pleas turned to demands.
  • Journey Into the Underworld | p.g. 6
  • In desperation, he decided to hold a banquet for the souls of all the other dead monks in the Underworld, while they were wating to be given their new bodies and to pass onto the Wheel of Transmition. Many of them knew this devoted Buddhist monk in life- the monk who never slept, but sat upright in a coffin- and many had heard of his search of his mother's soul in the Underworld. They came in great numbers and made great deal of noise. It was chaos
  • Enough was enough. The monk had won! The officials agreed to release his mother sooner than planned, even if it was in the body of a dog. At least it would get her back up into the upper world and stop this soul- still with a body- from making such a fuss.
  • Thank you
  • Just please don't distract us again!
  • The gods had decided that, because he seemed so at home among the dead souls, he should stay with them. They named him Di Zang Wang, which means King of the Earth's Womb, and made him Lord of the Underworld. The many awful places he had been so desperate to save his mother from were now part of his kingdom.