The Day The Aliens Blow Up Planet Earth
Updated: 3/31/2020
The Day The Aliens Blow Up Planet Earth
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  • Title Screen
  • The Day The Aliens Blew Planet Earth...
  • Scene 1
  • Scene 2
  • Font animation: The font is like a roller coaster actionSteps: Font run to the place above slows down for 5 seconds, then run near the sun and move outside scene.
  • Scene 3
  • Shot Type: From title zoom in, when it is all black zoom in to scene 1.Action: Alien Leader talking to the aliens about the plan.Timing: 15 secondsAudio: In a room, base sound effect, and computer sound effectCharacters: Alien Leader, and Aliens
  • Scene 4
  • Shot Type: Whoosh right from scene 1 to 2.Action: Aliens walking to the UFOs and sit inside the UFO.Timing: 10 SecondsAudio: UFO engines, laser, and blinking light.Characters: Aliens
  • Scene 5
  • Shot Type: From scene 2 zoom out to see bigger planet Earth.Action: UFO take off and get closer to Earth.Timing: 20 SecondsAudio: Engine, Light, Laser, TurboCharacters: Aliens
  • Shot Type: Zoom in to planet Earth from Scene 3 to 4.Action: Alien lighting the bomb to blow up planet EarthTiming: 15 SecondsAudio: Lighter, smoke, Fuse, Alien soundsCharacter: Aliens
  • Shot Type: Zoom out from scene 4, To scene 5Action: Zoom out to see planet earth and play big explosionTiming: 8 SecondsAudio: Explosion, Nuclear reaction, Ground exploding, Rocks FlyingCharacter: -
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