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The Great Gatsby Chapter VIII
Updated: 3/27/2019
The Great Gatsby Chapter VIII
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Storyboard Description

Scene involves Gatsby, Daisy, Jordan, Tom, Nick, Mrs. Wilson, and Michaelis. Gatsby and Daisy are involved in an accident with Myrtle and a serious outcome occurs.

Storyboard Text

  • Ahhhhhhhh!
  • A fight occurs between Daisy, Gatsby, and Tom. Gatsby and Daisy leaves in Gatsby's car while Jordan, Nick, and Tom get into Tom's car. "They were gone, without a word, snapped out, made accidental, isolated, like shots, even from our pity" (Fitzgerald 135).
  • Nick, Jordan, and Tom begin driving. Nick thinks about his age (30), and Jordan leans on him. "I just realized that today's my birthday" (Fitzgerald 135).
  • Michaelis went over to the sick Mr. Wilson's garage. Mr. Wilson and his wife were in a conflict. Michaelis leaves and returns, and when he comes back Mrs. Wilson ran out on the street and got hit by an oncoming car. Myrtle passes away. "A moment later she rushed out into the dusk, waving her hands and shouting-before he could move from his door the business was over" (Fitzgerald 137).
  • Nick, Tom, and Jordan arrive on the scene. Michaelis begins describing the incident to the officer. Tom soon realizes the person who hit Myrtle was Daisy and Gatsby. "He says he know the car that did it... It was a yellow car" (Fitzgerald 140).
  • Tom, Nick , and Jordan leave the scene and arrive at the Buchanan's house. Nick wants to leave, and he heads outside to the gate to wait on his taxi. Gatsby appears from a bush and begins discussing the accident. Gatsby asks Nick to see if Tom and Daisy are in a fight. Nick observes the two in an intimate discussion. He does not tell Gatsby."Is it all quiet up there? Yes, it's all quiet. You'd better come home and get some sleep" (Fitzgerald 145).
  • Nick gets in his taxi, and goes home. Gatsby remains waiting. "I'll wait here till Daisy goes to bed. Good night, old sport" (Fitzgerald 145).
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