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PDH Assessment
Updated: 9/18/2020
PDH Assessment
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  • Physical Changes in Girls During Puberty
  • Girls and boys go through a lot during puberty, some are physical, social and emotional. Some of the physical changes include, breast development. it is normal for 1 breast to grow quicker than the other.
  • Emotional
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  • Physical
  • You will get a growth spurt, this is the last time you will grow. Girls usually go through puberty before boys.then you will find hair in your pubic area and armpits.
  • Eww!!Gross!!
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  • Physical
  • A girls hips will widen during puberty and she will get more defined hips. The reason we go through puberty is to reproduce.
  • But I don't want to change!
  • Don't worry. As you get older your parents will allow you to have more freedom and let you do more.
  • Emotions are also a part of puberty. You may become more irritable and grumpy. You will experience emotions that you haven't experienced before.
  • Emotional
  • Experiment with different ways of calming down, dealing with you feelings and relaxing. it could be, meditating, listening to music or even just talking to friends.You will want to keep your friends near and be ready to support them too because they are going through all the same things.
  • It's alright to talk to a trusted adult about any questions you may have. Mum, older sister, nan, aunty or teacher, they have all been through puberty and believe it or not, they all survived!
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