The outsiders Church Scene
Updated: 11/13/2018
The outsiders Church Scene
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  • We had reached the top of Jay Mountain and dally suddenly slammed on the brakes and stared. "Oh, Glory"! he whispered. The chuch is on fire! "Lets go see what the deal is," I said, hopping out. "What for?" Dally sounded irritated. "Get back in here before I beat your head in" said Dally.
  • I knew Dally would have to park the car and catch me before he could carry out his threat, and Johnny was already out and following me, so I figured I was safe. We could hear him cussing us out, but he wasn't mad enough to come after us. There was a crowd at the front of the Church, mostly kids, and I wondered how they'd gotten there so quickly. I tapped the nearest grownup.
  • "What's going on?" "Well we don't know for sure," the man said with a good-natured grin. "We we're having a school picnic up here and the first thing we knew, the place is burning up. "We must have dropped a lighted cigarette or something." I said to Johnny. About that time a lady came running up. "Jerry, some of the kids are missing." She froze. "They're in the Church!!" said the lady. "Don't worry we'll get them" said Johnny and Ponyboy. We went for a dead run to the Church.
  • All I could think was: We started it. We started it. We started it! I wasn't about to go through the flaming door, so I slammed a big rock through a window and pulled myself in. "Hey, Ponyboy." I looked around, startled. I had realized Johnny had been right behind me all the way. The window stopped Johnny. "Too scared?" No.. "too fat." Said Johnny. The roar and crackling was getting louder. "Where's the kids?" "In the back I guess." I said.
  • The cinders and embers began falling on us, stinging and smarting like ants. We pushed open the door to the back room and found four or five little kids, about eight years old younger, huddled in a corner. We're goin' to get you out! said Johnny. We looked and saw the that the door was blocked by flames, then pushed open the window and tossed out the nearest kid. We took out all the kids and I leaped out the window and heard timber crashing and I went down into a peaceful darkness.
  • I started to wake up and I heard a siren. The fuzz, I thought dully. The cops came for us. I tried to swallow a groan and wished wildy Soda. Someone with a cold wet rag was gently sponging off my face, and a voice said, "I think he's coming around." I opened my eyes. It was dark. I blinked at the stranger sitting beside me. But he wasn't... I'd seen him before. "You're in an ambulance" "Your jacket saved you from a bad burning." Said the man.
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