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Updated: 9/19/2018
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  • The Epic of Beowulf
  • Tonight we feast!
  • While Gredel endures this pain he devises a plan to end the happy mayhem
  • Ahhhh the joy and laughter is killing me
  • Word spreads of the slaughter to the Geats and the great warrior Beowulf sets out with 14 of the strongest men to defeat the evil
  • Onward tonight we slay a spawn of hell, a banishment of god, a murderous evil power, tonight we slay Grendel
  • Beowulf and his men stayed in the mead hall and like clock work Grendel showed, but this time he met his match. Grendel reached but Beowulf caught his arm and tore it off
  • ahhhh
  • Grendels mom seeked vengence and killed Hrothgars best-friend so Beowulf killed her
  • You shall die by thy hand 
  • Years later Beowulf now king of the geats had a new challenge. A dragon guarding treasure was terrorizing Beowulfs people. But Beowulf has aged and his shield no more, sword broken, Beowulf laying limp and defeated, One man by the name of Wiglaf stepped in and helped kill the dragon. But Beowulfs condition was fatal and in his dying breath he gave the kingdom to Wiglaf and asked for a tower in his honor to keep his body and new found treasure
  • The tower was built and Beowulf was cremated, his men told stories of his heroic deeds and adventures 
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