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Reproduction Comic Strip:
Updated: 3/26/2020
Reproduction Comic Strip:
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Storyboard Text

  • We must go on an important journey to fertilize an egg and repopulate the village by finding the precious egg!
  • Our village(epididymis) has burned down and almost our entire population(sperm) has been wiped out!
  • We are about to enter the compound(vagina) and are going to her castle(cervix). Hopefully there isn't a gate(mucus plug)
  • We are about to enter her tower(uterus) and need to fight the soldiers(white blood cells)
  • Then we need to climb the stairs(Fallopian Tube)
  • I have gotten past the hardest part, but I'm the only one(sperm) left. I must find the egg soon, or our population will die out!
  • I have found the egg! I must fertilize it by going inside and release 23 chromosomes and genetic information!
  • We have made a zygote! My population is saved!
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