part 2 of La storyboard
Updated: 1/13/2020
part 2 of La storyboard
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  • Maybe A Way Out?
  • Noor: " Okay!"
  • Cousin 2: " Hey guys lets get back together I think I found a way out !"
  • Out Of The Park
  • Noor: " Thank god we made it out of their or else there might have been trouble."
  • Cousin 2 : "yeah"
  • Our Lesson
  • Noor: " I will never go anywhere again without an adult."
  • Then the group calls out for each other so that they come back together. One of the cousins may have found a way out.
  • Where Did He Go?
  • Noor: "Wait, were is my brother?"
  • Then, at last, they have found a route out of the forest in the park, with everyone relieved. All that is left is finding their parents.
  • The Search
  • Mom/Dad: "HAFIZ!"
  • Then, the family gives hugs and kisses for being happy that the kids have found a way out of the forest, and found a way back to the rest of the family
  • Found Again
  • Hafiz: "Sorry,"
  • Noor: " Why did you leave us and did mom say not to go anywhere without one of us?"
  • Then things have got bad the second that they have turned good. Noor asks his mother were his brother had gone but they do not have a clue on were he is at.
  • Mom: "it seems as if... he is not here? Huh? HAFIZ!
  • Then the entire family goes out searching for him. Looking at creeks swamps and every possible place until a spark goes off in Noor's mind, thinking about the playground of the park.
  • Noor: What about the playground?
  • They then found Noor's brother, Hafiz in the playground as expected, having everyone be happy and safe with no worries, while everyone is being lectured by mom. subsequent that everyone began eating their food and being told stories during the occurrence. my uncle and my dad explained how they were so close to calling 911, and file a missing report. Then that was the end to it.
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