The story of Arachne and Athena
Updated: 6/2/2020
The story of Arachne and Athena
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  • No one can weave as well as i-not even the goddess Athena,who invented weaving
  • I hear that Athena has blessed you with great skill
  • My talents are my own.Athena has nothing to do with it.She may be a goddess,but her skill is no match for mine
  • You may be a talented weaver,but you are a foolish girl.You should ask for Athena's forgivenes
  • Forgive me? But I'm telling the truth!If Athena is insulted,she can pay me a visit.I'll be glad to show her a thing or two aboutweaving.We'd see who was the better weaver soon enough
  • Arachne was such a skilled weaver that people traveled far and wide just to watch her working at her loom.Eventually, all of the attention went to her head,and Arachne started to brag about her talent.
  • Well then,foolish girl,you're on.Let the competition begin
  • Athena,the goddess of wisdom,thought she heard someone say her name.She swooped down from Mount Olympus to listen.When she heard the boastful girls daring to compare herself to a goddess,Athena disguised herself as an old woman and knocked on Arachne's door
  • With that,Athena threw off her cloak and wig and stood majestically before Archne
  • Crowds gathered to watch the weaving match.Never before or since have such creation flowed from the loom.Athena wove glorious scenes of the gods and goddesses,more beautiful and striking images than mortals had ever seen.Athena also wove scenes of the gods,but she showed them as angry,jealous,and deceitful.
  • Athena was furious when she saw how Arachne had portrayed the gods.She was even more outraged when she realized that her own skill was only slightly better than the girl's.She shredded Arachne's masterpiece and then struck her shuttle from her loom
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