part 2
Updated: 1/11/2021
part 2

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  • 1895
  • 1903
  • 2021
  • I love your fighting spirit ! Cancer will be afraid of that ,so Ningning, be brave!
  • When she wear the necklace the date, time and place starts changing
  • William?!
  • Where am I again? What century am I right now?
  • I am back!?
  • Thank God you are awake! Wait I'll call the doctor
  • You are so shocked for your first radiotheraphy. I'm glad you're alrightnow. I think the necklace I gave to you while asleep was effective HAHAHA
  • Ningning? Ningning!
  • Yes I know ,they said those to me.
  • So all of it were just a dream? What kind of dream was that? HAHAHA ...
  • Yes! Mrs.Kim, due to their discoveries and contributions in radiation, we have now radiotheraphy that will help you to cure cancer.
  • I think I forgot the reality that I have cancer.
  • Roentgen?Becquerel? Curie?Thomson?Villard?Rutherford?
  • Why its like you meet them personally?
  • Be thankful to those scientists. They are the reasons that you have 90% or much higher to live.
  • Let me tell you again this, radiation therapy also called radiotherapy is a cancer treatment that uses high doses of radiation to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors. So this is really a big help for your treatment. You can win this fight Ningning!
  • Yes doc. I am much ready right now. I will fight this cancer!
  • So tomorrow morning ,you will have your first radiotheraphy. Be calm only okay? I don't want to happen again what happened last time.
  • Congratulations Ningning! You won the fight!
  • After a year of radiotheraphy, Ningning won the fight against the cancer. She was cured because of the help of radiotheraphy and also because of the dream she had before. She was so thankful to the scientists that passionately do the experiments and discover what we have now like the radiation.
  • Thank you so much Doc. Vince and Nurse Karina.
  • Always be healthy Mrs.Kim!
  • Why do I felt like I won a nobel prize?
  • You know what? I am so happy you met those scientist. You look so happy when you talked to them.
  • I'm with you every single moment...
  • You saw me?! You were there?!
  • The End
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