Cooper's life
Updated: 2/11/2020
Cooper's life

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  • Cooper is a source of pride for us. Cooperstone is a star of baseball !
  • He is in relationship with the most beautiful girl of his high-school ! She is in sugar inside and outside.A real beauty.
  • HAAAA !!Cooper is the most beautiful boy and the best of his team !
  • He is very intelligent and most beautiful, Kylie has luck !I would like to be in her place.
  • They are all wrong...
  • ...I'm not perfect...
  • ...I'm not what they believe...
  • LGBTQ+
  • ...I'm... gay.
  • One day I got a photo of me kissing Kris, my boyfriend. That day, my life changed.
  • Cooper_Clay_
  • Cooper Clay Gay
  • I'm victimized by other people from high-school
  • Cooper Clay, Cooper Gay !
  • Luckily there is Kris
  • My father no longer looks to me in the eyes
  • I am discriminate against in my baseball team. I can no longer pitch balls.