campfire romance

Updated: 5/19/2020
campfire romance

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  • *moans*
  • i didn't realise this was a makeout spot
  • maybe u should let me kiss u so u don't feel awkward
  • harder baby
  • *her perspective* we didn't part lips the whole way through his house. he threw me wildly against every surface he could find, taking off a piece of my clothing clothing at each stop, of course i did the same. and so when we made it to the bathroom we were both practically naked with the exception of my bra and his boxer shorts. he pushed me against a wall, groping me, then running his hands down my torso as he sank to his knees. he grabbed my ass, spanking it, then grabbed my hips, pulling my waist into his face, lining up his mouth with my pussy. his tongue searched around my vagina and at first it felt strange but then it felt perfect and so i put my hands on his head and pushed it into my pussy harder
  • you again
  • he IS pretty hot. i wish he had less clothes on. none would be preferable
  • we've got to stop meeting when u have so many clothes on
  • i gave into his charm and when we were on the bus i jumped on his lap and started making out. unfortunately for us another passenger complained about the pda so we had to get off and catch another bus. maybe i shouldn't've reached down his pants and giggled so loud, but he was rather irresistible.
  • *his perspective* after being kicked off the first bus we had to wait a while at the bus stop. eventually another bus did come, but not before she dropped to her knees, unzipped my pants, pulled my underwear down a little, revealing my dick, which she decided to suck, in front of everyone. i wasn't complaining tho, she was good. i may have cummed in her. any way, as we were on the next bus she dragged me straight to the back seat, unbuttoned her shirt, unclipped her bra and put her tits in my face, allowing me to suck them and kiss her chest. after we got off i took her to my place
  • we were all over each other. we were animals. we didn't even make it to the bed. i lay on my back on the floor and he positioned himself so his waist was above my face. i had full glorious access to his prized dick. it tasted so good. i felt him get hard inside my mouth. then when my mouth got tired he pulled it out of my mouth and got fully ontop of me, inserting his dick in me. i let out a loud moan and that somehow made him get hard inside me. dont worry we had a condom. i helped him get it of after we finished but apparently he didn't have another one for round two. i didn't care tho. i just wanted him so i grabbed it and put it in myself and once again felt his glorious dick get hard. i moaned so hard that his dad came in. he pushed his son aside, stripped, got ontop of me and put his dick inside me. he ended up getting me pregnant. i couldnt decide between love or the size of a dick, so i didn't. i secretly fucked them both and had many kids