first story

Updated: 5/19/2020
first story

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  • she asked me if she could sit here. shes so fucking hot.
  • yes
  • can i sit here?
  • is that girl sucking that guy off. nice!
  • shes good but not as hot as that girl
  • he'd better cum
  • although id like it better if you took off ur shirt.
  • fuck her puusy's wet
  • yeah. i like the view better when i turn around
  • holy shit i want her
  • so youre in this class too
  • so we went to the science room and started kissing and reaching under each other's tops. it felt so good. the last bell of the days rag and we walked out and acted casual on the bus and drove to her house
  • we barely made it in the door before i pushed her up against the cupboard and started kissing her reaching under her top again. searching desperately for her tits that i so fondly craved. she cupped my face gently with her hand then changed her tune and started kissing all down my neck til she reached my chest. then she started sucking on my tit.
  • we moved to the bottom of the stairs the i undressed her fully. i saw everything. god she was beautiful. then she unzipped my shorts and pulled my underwear down a little and started kissing and licking my pussy. i stood over her and grabbed her head fiercely, pushing it into my vagina harder and harder. we didn't want anyone to walk in on us so we made our way upstairs without leaving each other's lips for a second.
  • omg
  • unfortunately since we were so focused on each other, she didnt realise what room we were going into until we were both standing half naked in her mother's room with her mother right there. her mother pretended to walk away so we lay on her bed and started scissoring, but her mum came back to us, lay behind me, unzipped her pants, pulled out her dick and gave me anal. it was good and i fell in love with her mum instead, who, from then on, only gave it to me in the front