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Of Mice and Men Storyboard
Updated: 11/1/2020
Of Mice and Men Storyboard
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  • No, Lennie, we are eating here.
  • George
  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 4
  • Lennie
  • Can we go to the ranch to get supper?
  • But i wanted Ketchup and beans :(
  • "Bus driver give us a bum steer," he said. "We hadda walk ten miles. Says we was here when we wasn’t. We couldn’t get no rides in the morning."
  • George
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 5
  • Boss
  • "I wrote Murray and Ready I wanted two men this morning. You got your work slips?" "It wasn’t Murray, and Ready’s fault. Says right here on the slip that you was to be here for work this morning."
  • Lennie
  • Slim
  • "I tol' you you couldn't bring that pup in here."
  • George
  • Lennie
  • "What pup, George? I ain't got no pup."
  • "Give 'um to me, George."
  • Chapter 3
  • Lennie
  • "I ain't doingnothing," he said. "Just come to look at my puppy. And I seen yourlight,"
  • "You got no right to come in my room. Thishere's my room. Nobody got any right in here but me."
  • Crooks
  • "Why do you got to get killed? You ain't so little as mice. I didn't bounce you hard.","Now maybe George ain't gonna let me tend no rabbits, if he fin's out you got killed."
  • "No, Lennie. I ain't mad. I never been mad, an'I ain't now. That's a thing I want ya to know."
  • "Sure, right now. I gotta. We gotta."
  • Chapter 6
  • , "I thought you was mad at me, George."
  • "Le's do it now. Le's get that place now."
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