The powerful one

Updated: 8/27/2021
The powerful one

Storyboard Description

Arilene learns that the heroes have been captured. Then, the unthinkable happens. She sees her family's house on fire, and her family, dead. She runs away with her cat, Grace, and her sister, Arla, more devastated than you can think, vowing on herself to get revenge on Destructed, the villan who took the world's heroes, and killed her parents.

Storyboard Text

  • Hi! I'm Arilene, and this is my story.
  • In our city, we have a team of superheroes!
  • There's Gassa, she can shoot all sorts of poisonus gasses, smoke, and even gasses that don't exsist! With the help of Feiry, the fire hero, they can explode many!  Then there's Droplet, and Vine. They have water and Earth powers. Lastly, there is Gust, and Jewel. They have air and rock powers. Gust, Feiry, and vine are boys, while the rest are girls. Although Droplet's super form is a mermaid, she can live above water, because she can fly. Gust is the leader of the team.
  • But one day, this happened.
  • REPORTER: BREAKING NEWS! Our beloved heroes have been captued by their worst enemy! Everyone stay safe! Dark times are coming....
  • The world was shcoked senseless. You couldn't see many people outside, they were too afraid. One day, i returned home to a nightmare. Reporter: Family's home destroyed! Mother and Father killed, leavingleaving their daughters devestated and alone. The poor girls have ran away in shock, and are now MISSIING!!!