Updated: 1/15/2020
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  • he members of the French Third Estate took the Tennis Court Oath, vowing
  • We vow to stick together no matter what happens!
  • Tennis court oath June 20, 1789
  • Oh well ya´ĺl ain´t gettin any
  • a crowd of women demanding bread for their families gathered other discontented Parisians.
  • Women's march to versailles
  • Napoleons Death May 5, 1821
  • Yeah your definitely getting your head chopped off for that
  • The Reign of Terror refers to a period during the French Revolution after the First French Republic was established in which multiple massacres
  • Reign of TerrorSep 5, 1793 to Jul 28, 1794
  • Well I guess this is my final moments. At least I´m ahead before the other guy
  • Napoleon crowningDec 2, 1804
  • Well this isn't going end well
  • I Napoleon crown myself as emperor
  • The coronation of Napoleon as Emperor of the French took place at Notre-Dame de Paris in Paris
  • Elba May 30,1814
  • At last paradise
  • European coalition occupying Paris, Napoleon Bonaparte was forced to abdicate the French throne. He was sent into exile on Elba, a small Mediterranean island
  • Napoleons death was unknown some that it was poison or stomach cancer
  • Well I didn't think he was gonna go out this way
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