Updated: 5/8/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Well... let them cakes hahaha
  • The lower class is saying that they have nothing to eat Hahahaha .Idiots
  • after filing for bankruptcy and calling a meeting
  • only the church and the monarchy can vote
  • the country was destroyed by kings
  • Napoleon wins the battle and declares himself emperor through a coup d´etat to the chamber
  • the people took the bastille and...
  • the king is going to be killed by us
  • the queen is killing us with her jewels
  • in an attempt to escape their country the kings were imprisoned
  • Robespierre rules the country now
  • the king has been beheaded.
  • But Robespierre would kill Danton and generate a counter-revolution led by Napoleon
  • The constitution creates a new political system,buut I want to take power