The Hajj

Updated: 5/20/2020
The Hajj

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  • Yes Julia! Tawaf is how I expected it was. I feel identified with the Hajj, the muslim pilgrimage
  • Martin, I see you like this experience... I really love how the Kaaba looks like!
  • We are almoust done, lets go for the fifth one
  • Love Tawaf!
  • Aw-Marwa
  • I´m with you man, Hajj is so expensive. Hey Julia, Martin did you know about the importance of #7, Well It´s not clear why, but is associated with divine in many religions.
  • I´m suffering a lot, I feel really tired and I dont think I could pass the difficult economic situation I´m passing. I sold many personal things to participate on this spiritual journey.
  • I feel really tired on this part of the journey. Dont you feel that Martin?
  • Al-Safa
  • Prophet Muhammad
  • NO MARTIN! Your worng. The Hajj commemorates the life of prophet Abraham. I almost fainted with your doubt jajaja
  • Julia, I feel a bit confused. The Hajj has to go with Prophet Muhammad? Right?
  • Julia explaining Martin about Prophets
  • Abraham and his son Ismael
  • Later, at Julia´s Home
  • It went very well darling, thanks for asking
  • Hello my love, why are you wearing that face veil? Remember that when you grow up, and go to the Hajj you only can use a headscarf, like mine.
  • Mom I have it clear, I only found it in your closet and I wanted to use it. How it go the spiritual journey with you´r friend Martin?
  • Talking about the Hajj, did you know that the pilgrimage industry is Saudi Arabia´s second most important income.
  • No mom, I didn´t know.
  • Ohhhhh Martin excuse me, I forgot to tell you that people is expected to be fully concentrated on the spiritual journey. The good news is that the authorities did not confiscated your cellphone. Sorry... see you later my friend!
  • Hello Julia, I call you to tell you that I am about to arrive at my house. But why didn´t you mention to me that in the spiritual journey we couldn´t take photographs with any device? I took a lot! Thank God the authorities did not confiscate my phone.
  • Meccas´s G.Mosque
  • Martin, going home
  • .