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English Gothic
Updated: 6/12/2019
English Gothic
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  • 1600, Germany
  • Anna Schulz's parents disappeared when she was young, leaving their seven-year old child with her grandfather, Oskar Schulz. No one knows why or where they went. Oskar, though loving, had always been ill. Eventually, he died of sickness. Anna is having a private moment with the coffin at his funeral when the door opens.
  • A storm starts outside. Anna doesn't notice as a young man who she's never seen before enters the room. He introduces himself as Friedrich. He apologises for interrupting Anna's reflection. He comments on her beauty and wit. He lives at a castle nearby and often walks in the graveyard to visit his deceased grandfather. They spend the day together, and Anna falls in love, before fainting of shock; she feels that she's known Friedrich forever as they have so much in common.
  • When Anna wakes up it is midnight. The storm has worsened. She guesses that (after she fainted and wouldn't wake up) Friedrich carried her to his castle so she wouldn't wake up at the funeral home. Suddenly, she hears a shriek outside. She peers out of the bedroom to look out at the moat. It is swarming with ghosts! She rushes to find Friedrich and tell him what she has seen, but he locks her up in the basement, saying she is mad.
  • Alone in the basement, Anna finds many skulls and realises that Friedrich feeds off of humans! Anna finds that two entangled skeletons. Both wear rings with the initials H.S. Could these be her parents Hans and Hildegard Schulz!? Anna, exhausted, goes to sleep. She dreams about a young man whose parents died when he was very young. Although he was rich, handsome and intelligent, he was neglected as a boy and only wished for someone to love him.
  • Anna manages to escape from the basement. She finds and confronts Friedrich about his past. Friedrich admits to killing those who had what he didn't: love. Then, filled with loneliness and ashamed of his past, he throws himself into the flames! As he burns, his body transforms. Friedrich was a vampire all along! Anna follows a winding staircase to the other side of the moat towards safety.
  • However, when she leaves the castle, she discovers what had felt to her like a night had been 40 years in the outside world, where the vampire's time warping couldn't happen. She discovers she has been accused of burning Friedrich's castle and murdering him. She lives out the rest of her days in the black forest in an isolated cottage and vows to never love anyone again.
  • WANTED ANNALISA SCHULZ For arson to Fleischer Castle For murdering Sir Friedrich Fleischer
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