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sci storyboard
Updated: 5/25/2020
sci storyboard
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  • What is an igneous rock sir?
  • An igneous rock is a rock that is formed by the solidification, cooling of magma below or on the surface of the earth
  • Well actually this rock formation would have been caused by erosion and weathering Erosion and weathering are when wind and water keep beating against the earth and slowly changing its shape. In this instance the rocks would have been weathered by rain, waves and wind.
  • How do you think this amazing rock formation came to be?
  • Dinosaurs used to be living creature roaming the earth but now the only evidence of their existence is only through fossils. Lots of the dinosaurs died from the giant meteor that hit the earth.
  • What is a fossil and how is it formed?
  • Fossils are living things that died hundreds and even millions of years ago that have been preserved by minerals underground. Fossils are preserved by sediments that break up through the process of the rock cycle.
  • How are these rocks formed
  • Sedimentary rocks are formed from the existence of other rocks breaking down, getting transported by a stream like this one and then compacting to form new rocks
  • All metamorphic rocks are formed at volcanos like this one from the heat and pressure. Rocks can even change type, shape and size from heat and pressure, it is really fascinating.
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