Updated: 12/7/2018
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  •  Isabel sees fire out of the window in her attic room. She immediately runs down the stairs screaming Fire! Fire! This is the opening for a very significant chapter because the fire brings out a lot of Isabel's character.
  • "Help me girl!" shouts Lady Seymour. Isabel grabs Lady Seymour's most prized possessions and helps Lady Seymour get out. Eventually the ceiling collapses injuring Lady Seymour and Isabel is forced to take the both of them out.
  • Lady Seymour's house gets destroyed along with all of Lady Seymour's belongings.
  • Ruth's doll gets destroyed in the fire. This is a significant event because Isabel is slowly losing all of Isabel's connections to Ruth. For example, soon all of momma's plants get frozen up too.
  • The bells are significant because they are not there to ring alarm. The missing church bells could also be significant because it could show the wrath of god. Maybe He is angry because the rebels burned the bells so he burned the city.
  • This shows Isabel and Lady Seymour's trip to the Lockton house. The fact that Isabel takes Lady Seymour to the Lockton house is important because it shows Isabel's character. She knows Lady Seymour will be safe there and braves the locktons so Lady Seymour would be safe.
  • The Lockton's
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