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Assistive Technology
Updated: 9/21/2019
Assistive Technology
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How can the use of assistive technology such as Kurzwell products or the Echo Smart Pen be helpful to create an inclusive classroom with diverse learners such as students who have dyslexia, dysgraphia, or English language learners? An inclusive classroom is a place where all students no matter if they does/ does not have disabilities learn together as one. The Echo Pen helps to provide an inclusive classroom. Individuals with Dyslexia have a difficult time decoding words and speech. Sometimes things get mixed up. The Echopen would help because the pen captures what the individual saids and is able to create a notebook . It would make taking notes easier for this population. However, the problem is that technology does not understand your interpretation of a word 100 percent of the time. If a person is speaking with an accent or speech impairment sometimes it may decode the wrong word. Identify 2 effective classroom management strategies and 2 collaborative learning strategies to support student learning and expand opportunities for professional development in this digital age, connecting it to your educational practice if possible. The two classroom strategies that I would recommend is constantly scanning the classroom and students working with their peers. Scanning the classroom allows the instructor to see who needs more assistance and who is understanding the topic. The instructor may be able to determine if a students needs an assistive device. When students work with their peers it makes them feel like they are talking to someone on the same page. Also, sometimes it's easier for students to learn from other students. By introducing collaborative strategies it might help reduce learning anxiety and promote communication among the students. 5 Effective Teaching Strategies to Use Every Day. (n.d.). Retrieved from

Storyboard Text

  • I am having a hard time completing my projects.
  • What brings you in today?
  • Who is Zeus?
  • No! Why is he asking this question?
  • Ooh! That's easy!
  • I know
  • I love working together as a team
  • School Counselor and student meets to see why have she been struggling in class.
  • Student cannot answer the question in the class because she cannot communicate with her classmates due to her disability.
  • After receiving the Assistive Technology Sam feels confident and comfortable to participate in the classroom assignments. It makes her feels equal to the rest of her classmates.
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